Siam Diesel Parts & Service is a service center for testing and calibration of fuel injection pump and nozzle
altogether with turbocharger services. We provide definitely complete service with precise information such as the
right amount of fuel injected to the exact number and exact product you need. Our service is providing for a wide range
of engine such as:
           Siam Diesel Parts & Service is an authorized agent for many leading part providers, Bosch Zexel Denso K&N
Turbotech, and many more. All parts at reasonable price is available now. For more information please contact us.
           Various parts used in fuel injection pump such as VE,
INLINE, or ECD are available in many brands and options from
plunger, delivery valve, maintenance kits to whole set of
fuel injection pump. 
           Supply pump spare parts, injector and sensors are
available for the common rail system.  
           Pump nozzle turbocharger spare parts are available
for marine power generator and main machine such as
Yanmar, Niigatta, Hanshin, Zexel
           Many leading turbocharger brands such as Garrett, Holset, IHI, KKK, Schwitzer and Mitsubishi are available for turbocharger
and spare parts, turbo repair kits, compressor wheel,
turbine shaft and core assy. 
           There are more products and other high performance
products for both diesel and gasoline.